Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Science Fair at the McWane Science Center, Birmingham, Alabama

More pictures will come soon. Several did not turn-out well in my camera. I am blaming that on bad lighting (certainly not my photography skills!) If your child is not on here, please email a photo for the blog! Nichole teaches us about "electromagnetics" ...She is too smart! Good job Nichole! Keep it up! I was super proud of Bethany for not shying away from those judges! She was a real sport! Her project displaying what plants need to grow was complimented with her shining smile! Good Job Baby Girl! Jameson competed with his project on "Worms and Why we Need Them" What a clever thought! Excellent work Jameson! Annie did a beautiful job with a project on hurricanes. She teaches us what is inside a hurricane! How smart is that? Keep up the good work Annie! Brooke was pleased to enter her project in the science fair. She discovered the colors favored by bees! Super job Brooke! Olivia competed in the science fair with her project. She conducted an experiment testing the engergizer batteries in that ever pounding bunny! Way-to-go Olivia!